FFT Training

How Does FFT Training Work

The primary goal of the FFT implementation and certification process is the successful replication of FFT program, as well as its long-term viability at individual community sites.

Phase I - Clinical Training

The initial goal of the first phase of FFT implementation is to impact the service delivery context so that the local FFT program builds a lasting infrastructure that supports clinicians to take maximum advantage of FFT training/consultation. By the end of Phase I, FFT LLC.’s objective is for local clinicians to demonstrate strong adherence and high competence in the FFT model. Assessment of adherence and competence is based on data gathered through the FFT Clinical Service System through FFT weekly consultations and during Phase I FFT training activities. It is expected that Phase I be completed in one year, but not any longer than 18 months. Periodically during Phase I, FFT personnel provide the site with feedback to identify progress toward Phase I implementation goals and steps toward starting Phase II.

Phase II - Supervision Training

The goal of the second phase of FFT implementation is to assist the site in creating greater self-sufficiency in FFT, while also maintaining and enhancing site adherence/competence in the FFT model. Primary in this phase is developing competent onsite FFT supervision. During Phase II, FFT trains a site’s extern to become the onsite supervisor. This person attends two two-day supervisor trainings, then is supported by FFT. during monthly phone consultations. FFT provides one one-day onsite training or regional training during Phase II. In addition, FFT provides any ongoing consultation as necessary and reviews the site’s FFT CSS database to measure site/therapist adherence, service delivery trends and outcomes. Phase II is a yearlong process.

Phase III - Maintenance Phase

The goal of the third phase of FFT implementation is to move into a partnering relationship to assure on-going model fidelity and impact issues of staff development, interagency linking and program expansion. FFT reviews the CSS database for site/therapist adherence, service delivery trends and client outcomes, and provides a one-day onsite training for continuing education in FFT. Phase III is renewed on an annual basis.

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